Cooling Towers are a significant part of your industrial building’s needs.  Cooling Towers are usually found in Chemical plants, Nuclear Power Plants, or in large HVAC systems (Air Conditioning). They remove heat from hot water and release it into the atmosphere.

According to The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Technical Manual, all cooling towers should be thoroughly disinfected at a minimum of twice per year.

Complete Water Solutions can provide cooling tower cleaning for your industrial facility. Our technicians travel across the United States with hundreds of hours of experience and best practices working with water systems. We have the expertise to bring your cooling tower systems up to standards to avoid fines and potential health risks.

Complete Water Solutions can improve cooling tower operation for efficient operation and savings at your industrial plant. Not only will you see great results through routine maintenance, but you will also meet various EPA and OSHA industry standards for your state with regular cooling tower filtration services. Keep your staff safe and your facility running with Complete Water Solutions


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