Hygienic solutions provides a professional service carried out by fully qualified trained engineers. Our professional kitchen duct cleaning service removes built up grease and dirt ensuring all your equipment meets the safety requirements.

It is the place where food is made, so it is very important to keep the kitchen spick and span at all times. Cooking originate a number of effluent like grease, smoke and moisture. These contaminated effluents have numerous negative effects. The exhaust system which is found in the hoods of kitchen eventually aggregate grease and it becomes a fire hazard. Kitchen hood exhaust system is one of the best defenses against fire hazards. To prevent lethal and ruinous fire incidents, regular inspection and kitchen duct cleaning should be performed. Kitchen duct cleaning is the process of removing grease inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of exhaust systems.

The buildup of grease and fat deposits in commercial kitchens is a serious fire risk and if kitchen duct cleaning is not carried out regularly your insurance may be invalid. In fact, it is now a requirement of insurance companies that all grease extraction plant and ducting is cleaned frequently by an accredited specialist company.

Using specialist kitchen duct cleaning services is also advisable to ensure commercial kitchens are kept clean and free from grease or fat deposits; which promotes healthy public food preparation and ensures food prep areas remain hygienic.
All kitchen grease extraction ductwork that is cleaned by Crystal Surface duct cleaners, is cleaned to a high standard.
We offer kitchen exhaust & Ventilation Duct cleaning services. Our personnel are specifically trained to manage all type of hood system, so you can rest assured that we can meticulously and efficaciously sanitize the exhaust system.



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