Oil And Grease Trap Cleaning

Any commercial store or restaurant that prepares food needs a grease trap to separate FOG (Fats, Oils and Greases) from water that is returned to city waste water and sewer lines. Failure to keep these clogging materials out of the city sewer lines can have unwanted consequences such as unpleasant odors, trap blockages or overflow. Our Oil and Grease trap cleaning services, primarily grease trap cleaning and pumping, will help ensure you avoid those consequences, and your working environment runs smoothly while maintaining cleanliness.

Kitchen sinks, dishwashers, disposals or any floor drain that would funnel FOG into the wastewater stream need to filter through a Grease Trap. As shown in this diagram, the grease and oils float to the surface while heavier particles sink to the bottom. The water flows thru the outlet pipe, preventing the grease and solids from entering the water stream. Over time, the layers of grease and sediment build up and, if left unchecked, can block the water outlet or be forced into the city sewer system.


Hygienic solutions provide full evacuation of your grease trap material. After it is initially emptied, our technicians cleanse the grease trap with water to break up any hardened grease buildup stuck inside the trap, then empty it one more time. This process is done without any chemicals and does not extend to cleaning or unclogging the pipes, which should be done by a professional plumbing service.

  • Frequency of grease trap pumping depends on size of the trap, volume of grease and local ordinance specifications
  • We set up a preventative grease maintenance schedule to avoid unwanted backups
  • Service is provided during non-peak hours for minimal business interruption
  • We remove the sludge layer as well as the FOG layer at top of trap
  • Technicians inspect and note any potential issues including broken tee pipes, baffles and manhole covers, as well as excessive grease/solids in the trap
  • We provide employees with training and best practices to prevent food and cooking grease from going down kitchen drains
  • Material that is not used for energy generation at our designated plants is always disposed of legally and ethically at a licensed facility


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