Hygienic solutions  being a professional at providing STP tanks cleaning services wants their clients to be free of any worries regarding any cleaning and management of wastewater in Mumbai.

Our experts have a safe and scientific solution to clean as well as disinfect storage water tanks, which includes a 6 level cleaning procedure employing the use of state-of-the-art imported machinery and proprietary antiseptic agents that are effective, safe and more importantly eco-friendly.

When compared with the conventional methods of STP tanks cleaning service in Mumbai, we make sure that the tank is cleansed at a faster pace with full dedication.

We start with pulling the plug or flushing the chain for the wastewater to be carried down the drain that leads to the pipe. This pipe then connects to a sewer pipe or with an even larger one that runs hidden beneath the roads. This sewer then runs into a network of other sewers that carries the discharged wastewater to a sewage treatment and that is where it begins its journey of many cleaning procedures

The next stage of our cleaning procedure includes cleaning wastewater and getting rid of the large items that include the ones that should not have been there in the first place. Grit is found commonly amongst the wastewater.

At this level as the water still consists of the solid matter, we start separating it by putting the wastewater into settlement tanks that encourages the solids to sink right to the bottom and accumulate as sludge.

After removing the sludge, in the next level, we focus on the unseen bugs that dwell in the wastewater. We pump in the air for the bugs to break down. This leads to multiple good bacteria to take over.

In this stage, the wastewater is passed through to a final settlement tank. We allow the remaining good bacteria to settle to the bottom.

At this stage, the collected sludge and most of it is recycled for the agricultural purposes while the remaining is used to create energy via several different methods.


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