Sewage waste water is the water that emerges after fresh water is used by human beings for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Sewage wastewater treatment Plant restricts itself only to the waste water generated due to domestic use.

By and large, it is fresh water that is used for a variety of domestic uses such as washing, bathing & flushing toilets. Washing involves the washing of utensils used in cooking, washing vegetables and other food items, bathing, washing hands, washing clothes.The water that emerges after these uses contains, vegetable matter, oils used in cooking, oil in hair, detergents, dirt from floors that have been washed ,soap used in bathing along with oils/greases washed from the human body. This water is referred to as “ Grey Water” or sullage. Water used to flush toilets to evacuate human excreta is called “ Black Water” or Sewage Water. Grey water is easier to purify as compared to black water, i.e sewage. However, the practice predominantly followed in India is to combine these two wastes to discharge into a public sewer or into a sewage treatment plant or sewage water treatment plant in a residential community/ building that has no access to a public sewer.

We Design, Fabricate, Supply, Erection and Commissioning Sewage Treatment Plants or STP Plants for treating sewage generated by Industry, large colonies, Hotels, Hospitals, IT Parks and commercial buildings. 

Now a days the Sewage Treatment Plant or STP Plant has become statutory requirement of all the State Pollution Control Boards, everybody, whether Hotelier or Industrialist were looking for economical, easy to install and operate compact type Sewage Treatment Plant. Since the land is extremely expensive, very few industries could afford the large treatment units as recommended by most of the Consultants.

We at hygienic Solutions are one of the best sewage treatment plants in Mumbai. We specialize in combination of various water treatment technologies that can treat sewage water of all grades. Sewage Treatment Plants manufactured by Aquatic Solutions not only treat water to meet local govt regulations but also helps in complete reuse of sewage water in flushing or ahu unit.


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